The Mosaic Table is open to the public for the first time at “The Landing” Paparoa New Zealand, Mosaic`s by Pat and Steve George. 

Video created by Adams Family Production. 

This mosaic picnic table top shows a representation of the main street through Paparoa, Northland New Zealand.  


Local stores are depicted in the background behind a bridge that crosses the Paparoa creek, while in the foreground is a beautiful native Kōwhai flower. 

The Paparoa picnic tables where donated in 2004 by the Descendants of the Paparoa Albertland Pioneers. In 2008 Pat George was commissioned by PPI Progressive Paparoa to create a lasting mosaic piece that represented the town of Paparoa.  


If your ever traveling through Paparoa ensure you take a moment to enjoy a rest at “The Landing” its a lovely picnic area.